Mechanical pencil
Auto-lead Mechanism
- 1st Time in India Range of One-click Non-stop-writing
Mechanical Pencils
Duo Wax
Introducing Highly Break-resistant Early-learning Colours - 1st Time in India
Black Beauty
Black Beauty Ultra Dark Pencil for Smoothest & Darkest Writing
Gel Pen
12 Vivid Colours. Colour Everyday.
Tri Art Duo
Colour Pencils
For Excellent Colour Mixing & blending
Oil Pastels
Super Smooth with Excellent Colour-mixing Properties
Board Marker
24-hours Cap-off Time

Our Products

Shachihata Inc. is a leading Japanese company since 1925, offering world class Superior Performance range of Marking, Stamping, Writing Instruments and Child Safe Art & Craft products under its brand-Artline!

How To Use

Indulgence in art develops creativity. Our How to use section will help you to the understand the product and their usage. Start creating some interesting drawing and artwork in simple steps.

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