About Us

Shachihata Inc. is a leading stationery company from Japan & has been offering superior quality writing & marking products to its customers worldwide, since 1925. Artline a brand of Shachihata, is now introducing world-class and consumer safe products for users of all age groups.

  • Shachihata History: Shachihata's story began with selling stamp pads in 1925. Since then the company has continued to envision and create highly useful consumer products of all kinds.
  • Research & Development: Research and development is the nerve center of Shachihata where we apply creative thinking and perseverance in researching materials used in our products. Whether working on physical materials or electronic fonts, state-of-the-art facilities support our pioneering spirit in research and development.
  • Artline India was established in the year 1998 predominantly offering Markers for corporate and industrial use. It, later on, ventured in launching stamp pad to the Indian market in the year 2001. Yet another milestone for the brand was when Artline India came up with state-of-the art factory in Chennai in 2005 for its export and domestic business.